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1) Is the Berkeley Hotel awesome?

Yes it is

2) Do you charge a resort fee?

No. There is not a resort fee applied to guests staying in the hotel. Many Denver hotels charge Resort Fees, Urban Amenity Fees and other ‘Fees’ that equate to upwards of $40/night.

3) Do you offer complimentary Wi-Fi?

Yes we offer complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the property

4) Do you offer in room coffee?

Yes all units have Keurig coffee makers with diff coffee/tee/hot chocolate selections

5) What is the cancellation policy for the hotel?

Full refund if cancelled 5 days before check in date. Depending on which site you booked through, this policy could be slightly different.

6) Is the hotel pet friendly?

We are pet friendly, maximum of 2 pets per unit and no animals over 120 pounds. Flat fee of $75 per pet.

7) Is parking available?

yes, all reservations come with one complimentary parking spot in one of our covered or garage spots on the alley side of the building.

8) Are there telephones in the units?

No, our units do not come equipped with any landlines.

9) Is smoking permitted?

No, we have a strict no smoking policy in all units. The rooftop patio is also a no smoking area. Strict $1000 fine to cover the cost to restore the room to smoke free condition.

10) What are the hours of the rooftop patio?

The rooftop is open from sun up until 11pm nightly. Guests in violation of this policy will be asked to leave, it is a neighborhood ordinance and we want to be good neighbors.

11) Questions about the Autohost ID verification process

Question: Can I verify that the company I am booking with is, in fact, using Autohost’s services?
Answer: You’ll know that your host is using Autohost based on their domain. It would either be our generic domain (, or a customized domain that you may check with our DNS checker tool (
If you’re still unsure, you may reach out to our team at and we will be able to confirm for you. If you have further questions, we would ask that you reach out to the company directly.

Question: Why is this company using Autohost?
Answer: Our customers use Autohost for a number of reasons, including but not limited to the following:
Comply with local laws about guest registration
Protect other guests and neighbors from parties, sex offenders, and criminal activity concerns
Know their customers to provide a personalized experience

Question: What verifications are you running on guests?
Answer: The verifications used vary depending on the unique needs of each business we support. The checks typically involve assessments like ID verification (just like at a hotel), and security deposits.

Question: I already submitted my ID / other verification on [booking source, ie. Airbnb, etc] – why am I being asked to submit this information again?
Answer: The screening processes in place help to verify your identity, analyze and flag potential risks, validate payment methods, confirm social accounts, and scan through criminal databases for past sex offenses and other possible threats** – Autohost is dedicated to guest safety, and the Property Management Company’s use of Autohost is similarly dedicated to keeping their guests and staff as safe as possible.
Information collected is to be used for verification purposes only, and not shared with third parties.

** The threats analyzed for will depend on which verification steps the given company has chosen to enable for their establishment.

Question: What happens when a booking or transaction is cancelled?
Answer: Exact internal processes (including communication sent to the guest following cancellation) are determined by the property management company. In the case of Autohost, the guest will be removed from the process and all further communication. For any data related requests (ie. deletion of) we recommend reaching out to your host directly.

Data & Privacy Policy Related Questions

Question: Am I able to review Autohost’s Privacy Policy in full?
Answer: Of course, you may find our Privacy Policy here and review at your discretion.

Question: How long is data stored within Autohost?
Answer: Data is stored for the minimum length of time required by local authorities and / or insurance providers.

Question: Does Autohost share or sell personal data?
Answer: No! The information Autohost collects belongs to the account owner, with Autohost acting as the data processor only.

Question: Who has access to my information?
Answer: Only the Property Management operator has access to your data.

Question: Where are Autohost’s servers located?
Answer: Autohost utilizes “serverless” technology. Although we do not use servers in the traditional sense, our computer and storage clusters are primarily located in the United States and Canada.
All traffic is protected using TLS with 256-bit encryption keys when transmitted to the Autohost network.

Question: How can I, the guest, request my data be deleted?
Answer: Guests who wish to have their information removed must send such requests to their service provider / host. The service provider / host can then request this removal by contacting our Privacy team ( with the reservation or transaction ID.

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